Reader Reviews

December 2, 2019

“Hauntingly beautiful. A stirring and exquisitely written novel. The backstory will amaze you.”

— Francine Fuqua, author of “In Pursuit of Abraham”

March 12, 2019

A Reader Review from one of my weaving students at last year’s Liturgical Arts Conference in Mississippi. After a conversation about Pavel’s Violin, she decided to order a copy.

“I also wanted to let Will know that I bought his book but didn’t have a chance to read it until my recent trip to Africa. Had plenty of time on that 18 hour flight! I almost didn’t take it with me since our luggage was limited but in the end I really wanted to get it read so felt it was worth it. And HOW! Please let Will know that I found the story of Pavel’s Violin to be most moving and engaging. I literally could not put it down once I got immersed in it.”  — N.N.

Thanks, Nancy, for your kind words, and for giving “Pavel’s Violin” a trip to Africa!

August 28, 2018

A new Reader Review.  Thanks very much to “Sideliner” from Spain!

Five Stars: Beautifully Woven
on August 22, 2018
“An air of joy to a people of faith and family intertwined with an elegy to the persecution of the Jewish peoples in Germanic Europe. Crafted and caring it carries the reader through history on the strings of a violin that still exists today. Bravo.”

July 9, 2018

From a new reader who has just begun reading:

I finally started to read your book–woohoo!”  — N.D., Pennsylvania

Many thanks!

December 24, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Well written..very much in the style of the Czech language and culture. The feeling you have from the words are ancient yet contemporary; just like the land itself. The words, whether narrative or descriptive, allow the visual images to flow so vividly.
Lovely.” — Barbara W., USA

“I’m enjoying Pavel’s Violin.  Wonderful imagery, and I’m learning to much about so much- A.M. – Tennessee”

“I am getting close to the end of your book, it’s hard for me to stop reading but I have to sometimes…I was reading till very late last night. Sometimes it’s very heavy reading…but It’s so well written…and it gets lighter when Pavel is speaking or thinking. Thank you so much for writing this!” –  L.C. – Prague. (Lucie was my first violin teacher, and is a relative two generations removed of Pavel.  She introduced me to his Violin.)

stars-5-0._CB192240867_“Book is Great!” –  S.H. – Tennessee

stars-5-0._CB192240867_“I am 100 pages in and finding it hard to put down! Will, your passion for the violin & music and for the people come through so crystal clear. I will recommend to my book club ladies, and to some of the students at our community college who play the violin. I just HAVE to see this violin again, and examine it in detail.”

And after finishing:

stars-5-0._CB192240867_“This book is one of those books that will stay with you a very long time. I read the author’s notes after finishing this remarkable book. I am also a student of music and am so amazed about how music can inspire people. Melnyk was inspired to tell this haunting yet hopeful story when he became the owner and player of Pavel’s Violin. The story is real, a vivid accountant of the people who lived through an unthinkable time in our history. Melnyk writes: “I hope you will not just learn about what happened,, but that you will become part of the story, yourself”…….”I hope that you will not only hear the Violin, but you will experience the playing of it”. Well he (the author) takes you there. You are one with the characters, and experience their pain, suffering, hope, and joy. And you hear the music. The wonderful music. The universal language that heals. The Song of Hope…
The author has selflessly pledged to donate all proceeds from the sale of this book to the United States Holocaust Museum and other Holocaust Memorials.”  C.K. – Texas

stars-5-0._CB192240867_“This book has touched my deepest soul and surprisingly that of my 11 year old Goddaughter who is studying the Subject matter. We have read the book simultaneously with my guidance along the way. We have both laughed, cried and then actually mourned the book characters. A must read for everyone remotely interested in the plight of our Jewish brothers and sisters during the war. As my signed copy reads, “may we never forget.”  — D.C., Tennessee