Places in the Story

Halltal Valley – Site of Chapter 1.  Small hill in center is Kartellerjochl, where Stainer conceived of the Violin.


Absam – Home of Jakob Stainer, where the Violin was made.


Salzburg – von Biber plays the Violin for the Archbishop


Kromeriz  (KROAM-yair-zheesh) – Palace of the Prince-Bishop of Olomouc.  Part II of the Story.

Kromeriz Exterior


Lipnik nad Becvou (LEEP-nyik nad BETCH-voo) – In the Moravian countryside east of Olomouc. Part III of the Story

Lipník_01_rok 1965

Belidla –  (BYEL-leed-luh) A suburb of Olomouc,  location of the pub & the prayer room.  Part III.

Belidla 1

Olomouc – (OL-uh-moats)The Olomouc Synagogue.  Part IV of the Story.

olomouc synagogue

Domazlice –  (DOUGH-mash-leetch-yuh) Birthplace of Pavel Lustig


Pilsen – Home of the Lustig Family at time of Nazi Occupation. Part IV of Story.


Prague Train Station – The Lustig and Weber Families Transported to Terezin from Here. Part IV of the Story.

bubny 2

Terezin –  (TER-eh-zeen) Concentration Camp north of Prague.  Collection point for Auschwitz

Terezin Attic Drawing

Auschwitz-Birkenau – Nazi Death Camp in southern Poland


Vendryne – (ven-DRIN-yuh) Small town in NW Moravia, where Pavel might have received the Violin (You’ll need to translate)


Ostrava – Where the war ended for Pavel.  Birthplace of Ilse Weber


Bruntal – The Lustig Family Moved Here After The War


Praded – (PRAHD-yed) Grandfather Mountain, Above Bruntal.  Location of Final Chapter. (with new tower)