Experience the Transport to Terezin and to Auschwitz

What was it like for the Lustig family and tens of thousands of other Jews who were transported from Prague to Terezin?  This video from a Prague to Dresden train will give you some idea.

Leave Prague, travel along the Elbe Rive, cross the small Ohri River, and arrive at the Bohusovice nad Ohri station at the 51:57 minute mark on the video.  From Bohusovice it was a three mile walk to Terezin.

While the Lustigs were prisoners in Terezin, the Nazis built a railroad spur along those last three miles, to Jews could be transported secretly into Terezin from Prague, and out from Terezin to Auschwitz.  The video below shows the remains of that spur. No one can ever again go to terezin by train. The video is in Czech, but you’ll get the idea. At 6:36 the train passes the terezin Crematorium. At 6:54 it arrives at Hamburg barracks, the staging point for transports to Auschwitz.

And here is Terezin. In the video the tour guide calls it Theresienstadt, but that is its German name. In Czech, it is Terezin. The Guides are not always accurate in what they are saying, but you get the idea.

On October 1, 1944 Pavel Lustig was transported to Auschwitz. He would be one of the very few who survived.