Pavel’s Violin Finds New Home at Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle

After playing Pavel’s Violin for the past seven years, I have donated it to the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle Washington. I encourage you to visit the violin there at

Holocaust Center for Humanity

2045 2nd Avenue

Seattle, Washington 98121

see their website at

Hauntingly Beautiful

This reader’s review from Francine Fuqua, author of the engaging novel “In Pursuit of Abraham” . . .

“Hauntingly beautiful.  A stirring and exquisitely written novel.  The backstory will amaze you.”

Thank you Francine.  I hope my readers will read you! (See my previous post for a review of “In Pursuit of Abraham.”)



Tom Lenda (Tommy Lustig) is Pavel’s son.  He survived three years in Terezin, from age 6 to age 9, and plays a role in “Pavel’s Violin.”  Tom is the author of “Children on Death Row,” his own story of of his family during the Holocaust.  Much of the detail in the sections about Terezin and Auschwitz in “Pavel’s Violin” comes from Tom’s recollections in his book, and I am deeply indebted to him.  His book is available on Amazon in several formats. (See Below)

With Tom are Lucie Carlson and her son.  Much of the family perished in the camps. These three represent the triumph of life over death.  Lucie was my first violin teacher, and she introduced me to Pavel’s actual violin.  Tom is reading the inscription in his copy of “Pavel’s Violin”

Toms Book

Buy Tom’s Book on Amazon

Holocaust Diaries Program Makes Great Progress!

Holocaust Diaries

terezin transport

A few days ago we encouraged you to join in a Kickstarter program to help fund the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Holocaust Diaries Project.  Here’s an update:

Kickstarter:  The start of something truly special
Posted by Yoonhyung Lee (Collaborator)

You take our breath away. $68,000 raised in just 2.5 days to share the diaries of over 200 Holocaust survivors and victims with the world. And you’ve come from across four different continents to back this project! Thank you for believing in how important it is to Save Their Stories.

Already, some of our limited-quantity rewards are starting to run out – but if we can add more, we will! We’ve been able to add more in-person and virtual rewards – but these too will go fast. So if you haven’t already, make your pledge right now and lock in your reward. With Father’s Day coming up, we will also send to current backers only a downloadable card you can print and share if you want to make your pledge on behalf of a father in your life.

There has been some terrific news coverage of our project that you can check out:

The Associated Press via The New York Times:  US Holocaust Museum Seeks Funds to Preserve War Diaries

Geekwire:  U.S. Holocaust Museum launches Kickstarter to preserve diaries and publish them online

CNET: On Anne Frank’s birthday, a push to save war diaries online

ABC News:  Holocaust Museum starts first crowdfunding campaign to preserve survivors’ diaries

Thank you again to everyone who has pledged and spread the word about this project. We are just over a quarter of the way to our goal, but that means we still have quite a ways to go. Keep telling your friends and family about #SaveTheirStories – because it’s working! A quick share of our project page on Facebook or Twitter helps us reach more people who care as deeply as you do – and it only takes a moment.


Signature Book Plate

Signature Plate jpg 2When you get your copy of “Pavel’s Violin,” let me know through this website or my Facebook page, and I’ll be happy to send ypou this Signature Book Plate.  It bears a photo of Pavel Lustig, on a background of a haselfichte (hazel spruce) board, from which Pavel’s Violin was made.