Tom Lenda (Tommy Lustig) is Pavel’s son.  He survived three years in Terezin, from age 6 to age 9, and plays a role in “Pavel’s Violin.”  Tom is the author of “Children on Death Row,” his own story of of his family during the Holocaust.  Much of the detail in the sections about Terezin and Auschwitz in “Pavel’s Violin” comes from Tom’s recollections in his book, and I am deeply indebted to him.  His book is available on Amazon in several formats. (See Below)

With Tom are Lucie Carlson and her son.  Much of the family perished in the camps. These three represent the triumph of life over death.  Lucie was my first violin teacher, and she introduced me to Pavel’s actual violin.  Tom is reading the inscription in his copy of “Pavel’s Violin”

Toms Book

Buy Tom’s Book on Amazon

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