The Boat from Odessa, a Poem

Occasionally I like to post a poem from another collection.  This one is from Walter William Melnyk, Selected Poems 1997 – 2014, available on Amazon.

Black Sea Moon

Full Moon on the Black Sea, (C) 2006 Walter William Melnyk (on the MS Watutin)

The Boat from Odessa

We are, all of us, going to Sevastopol,
pearl, or opal perhaps, of the Black Sea.
Each of us on a journey meant to be
for the saving of souls,
others’ or our own.
We bring our gods within us, we think,
(on the brink of our understanding)
to a land of ancient gods,
old before ours were young,
on whose whim hung
the fate of countless peoples come and gone.
A strange interlude,
out here on the sea,
for those who turn aside to brood
upon the question of how gods came to be.
Are they here because we’ve brought them,
like an escort for the great Divine?
Or is it that we’ve sought them with such zeal
that we’ve taught ourselves to feel
things we only hope to find?
Each claiming to be sighted,
while calling others blind.

On the Black Sea, 2006
(C)2006, Walter William Melnyk

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